PB Summer Exhibition 2018  

We are very excited to announce the First Edition of the Potter Brompton Summer Exhibition. We hope this announcement gives you a rosy feeling right there where the absence of a North Yorkshire Open Studios has left you feeling a tad empty.

Eight of us will be exhibiting:

  • Helen Wrigley - Sculpture, Photography and Painting.
  • Andrew Wrigley - Sculpture, Painting and Drawing
  • Adam King - Painting and Prints
  • Speth Milnes - Painting
  • Alan Micklethwaite - Sculpture and Stone Carving
  • Tracey Micklethwaite - Scultpture and 3D Objects
  • Alec Dickson - Painting, Drawing and Upcycled Objects
  • Art on the Beach - A collection of authentic Staithes Group paintings and drawings

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