Minster Way - Stage 3, Group 2

30 June - Second Group

Is it going to rain? That was the big question as there hadn't been a day without rain for weeks.

It isn't raining yet

The view towards Bishop Wilton

The steep decline towards Millington and lunch

Wet dogs watching us eat

It was a real treat to have a tasty lunch, in the sunshine, at the 'Ramblers' Rest'. The dogs only joy was raising their celebrity status as they were photographed by all the other cafe guests.

We did get soaked but only in the last twenty minutes as we approached Bishop Wilton, so a good day was had by all.


  • andrew said

    The only thing that can be added is the encounter with Mr and Mrs WoldRage.

    We took a wrong turning just before Millington and then got pretty much chased out of the field by cows with calves. We ignored the writing on the walls: various signs saying to turn back, ramblers rotting skulls on stakes. We weren't doing any harm, were we? And no way could we go back through the cows with calves.

    We then came across a little cottage in a wood... Well, not quite, but that is what it feels like to Hansel and Gretel. A nice little old retired couple who lived in said cottage suddenly morphed into Lord Voldemort and a cloud of Dementors shooting away with a digital camera and screaming obscenities (OK, they just shouted that we shouldn't be there, but why spoil a good story?).

    We didn't have our magic wands with us but we did have our iPhones. So it could've been a shoot out with Mr and Mrs WoldRage and their camera. However, the cowardly Mr Wrigley tried to appease them
    with entreaties. It didn't work, although they did "accept" our apologies.

    Best quote of the day:

    "We couldn't turn back because of the cows..."

    To which Mr WoldRage replied [sic]:

    "The field BELONGS to the cows!"

    All in a days walk.

  • Penny Sutton said

    If it had come to a shoot out there would have been no contest as Mrs Woldrage had left her lens cap on.


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