My focus for the 2019 exhibition is on portraiture. Portraits of friends and family and their dogs, their dogs' friends and family, not to mention horses, bulls, painted wolves... You name it.

There is also the first appearance on stage of my interest in the tragic figures of mythology and theatre, a series I will call, well, Tragic Figures. Pompous, me? Nah. Just a little fun.

So Bully Boy comes back this year as a study for the head of the Minotaur.  Or the Minotaur's dad?

But just watch out for those Amazons!

The Korean Model

This flower bed is mine (Portrait of Chip)

Nicholas (detail from "The Paper Crown")

Bully Boy as a study for a Minotaur's Head.

Cupid Celebrates

Charlie and Teddy

Caballito Criollo (Octavio)

Bodger (detail from "The Paper Crown")

Ed (Racing Plumber - study for the Paper Crown)

Incoming Seagull (The Boys on D Day)

The Wild Garlic Picker (after Van Gogh)

A sketch for Androgenous Amazon 

Amazons in Greek Mythology are the women without breasts, prehaps because of the requirements of archery, in which the Amazons excelled, or more prosaically,a sexist attitude on the part of the men who wrote the myths. 

Sneaky Snake in the Nude

The Reading Lady and The Pugs (portrait of Patti, Charlie and Jerry)

Patti (detail from The Reading Lady and the Pugs)

Roxana (Detail)

That Pig!

That Girl!

Urban Abstract

Maori Halloween