Speth Milnes

Elspeth Milnes BA Fine art with Hons.




Cayton Bay

Moors Passing Storm

The Receding Mist

My Favourite Chair

The Road to Applecross

Raincliffe Woods 1

Raintliffe Woods 2


After a career in the health service as a theatre nurse, I picked up my paintbrushes. To discover a hidden desire to make marks in anyway possible.

I wanted to capture the majesty of landscape with one great sweep of the brush and although I somehow new it was inside me I could never quite reach it.

The winter of 2014-15 I stayed in Ullapool for six months and took part In Eleanor White’s Portfolio course. Eleanor and her team are amazing and bullied, cajoled and inspired me, until with a three inch brush, oil paint, and paper I was free. It was and still is an amazing experience.

The paintings start by visiting various landscapes if possible in bad weather, we had plenty of that, That winter. I take photographs and do sketches but overwhelmingly it is the memory I take back to the studio. In the studio I try to reproduce the drama with very dilute oil paint and a multitude of marks. These are repeatedly worked on top of until it starts to resemble what I feel more than what I see. Two artists inspire me more than others and they are David Tress and Norman Ackroyd. There are obviously many more.

B.A. Fine art with hons. 2001-2004

Worked with Scarborough YMCA to arrange and hang work for exhibition.

Worked with local Doctor Surgery to also co-ordinate collections of works for exhibition.

Exhibited my own work regularly at both venues.

Also exhibited at.

2008 Sunken gardens. The Scarborough Art Society

2009 Sunken gardens. The Scarborough Art Society 2011 Sledmere.

2011 Scarborough Art Gallery.

2015 Ullapool. 2015 Culloden.

2015 Platform exhibition Harrogate.

2015 Sledmere

2016 Sledmere.

2017 Sledmere.

Work in.

Ceard Ullapool.

Scarborough Hospital.

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