Tracey Micklethwaite

Tracey is a artist whose work is focused on the human body and uses movement, photography and drawings as part of her working process, with finished pieces taking the form of sculpture and installations. Tracey uses a wide variety of materials in the making of her work, including paper, plaster, fabric, wire and stone.

In contrast and as part of her artistic practice, Tracey continues to explore the cut letter in stone with a particular interest in the poetic use of lettering and the combination of lettering with sculptural form.

Since completing her MA at the Royal College of Art, Tracey has also followed a career as an art lecturer, and is a fully qualified teacher with a PGCE in Further Education. She has taught a wide range of art and design workshops to both children and adults in community settings, and in her years spent as an Art College lecturer she has taught across many artistic disciplines. Tracey’s exploration of movement and training to teach meditation compliments and informs her approach to teaching.

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